Davek's line of high-end, compact travel umbrellas are small enough to fit into any luggage compartment and strong enough to withstand the most brutal weather conditions.  The  Davek Traveler series is only 9” and comes with a leather wristlet/clip that can be used to secure to any bag strap.  The slightly larger Davek Solo series, with its sturdy frame construction and distinctive design, is the perfect combination of durability, ease, and metropolitan style. 
Each umbrella comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee:  if the umbrella should fail to function perfectly for any reason whatsoever, the company will gladly repair or replace it for free.   Each umbrella also comes with a Loss Protection card—owners who lose the umbrella can use the card to redeem a replacement umbrella at half-price.
“We designed these umbrellas with travel in mind,” says David Kahng, mechanical engineer and CEO of Davek. “Our umbrellas are compact and durable—one whose construction will last through the years of heavy handling and use.” 
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